Intake Choices for GK5 Fits?

Much like the previous gens: GD and GE, you have your drop in filters and then a choice of Short Ram or Cold Air Intake. For your daily, maybe a drop in is better and keeps the drivability good, or for noise and you like revving your little Fit, then you’ll want the shifted power band short ram.

The GK support is best from all three generations in actually finding new stock for products, so if you want certain ones it’s best to get it now.

Drop In Filters

Spoon Drop In

If you want the show points and yellow, it can be bought on Nengun or Ebay from BlackHawkJapan.

K&N Drop In Replacement

Can be bought on Amazon or the K&N Official Site.

Cold Air & Short Ram Intakes

aFe Power Intake

Can be bought on Ebay or on their site.

Gruppe M Super Cleaner

Available on Ebay or their official site.


This one you can find on Ebay still from BlackHawkJapan.

If you want to add some induction noise, maybe gain a couple horsepower and some torque, an intake is what you’re after. Give your car a more throaty sound and a better throttle response, while giving better gas mileage in some cases (if you don’t go heavy on the pedal; which you will).

Honda has factory tuned most Fit’s for economy since it is after all the cheapest car in the lineup and to get them into the Honda family. So we rely on the aftermarket to give some induction noise and to feel even more throttle response.

An intake may not get you huge gains, especially if you don’t tune your fit, but it will sound nice and give you throttle response. If you get an intake, consider an exhaust for your GK to give an even nicer rumble!
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