Exhaust Choices for GK5?

Axle back is where the mid pipe is left stock, or custom mid-piping is built. Cat back exhaust systems start after the catalytic converter to the muffler.

Test Pipe / B-Pipe

Spoon Exhaust B-Pipe

Available on AJ-Racing.

J’s Racing Center Pipe

Cat Back & Axle Back Exhaust Systems:

HKS Hi-Power

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Spoon Tail Silencer N1

Available on AJ-Racing.

DC Sports Axleback Exhaust

Available from DC Sports direct.

Js Racing R304 SUS exhaust system 50 RS

Buddy Club Exhaust

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Cat Back Exhaust Systems:

What does your catback exhaust do? The Honda Fit’s exhaust system allows the gases from the engine to flow out efficiently. It passes through the headers, the catalytic converter, and out the exhaust. The better we make the system, the more efficiently it performs. You usually see an increase in power numbers with an exhaust which has good flow and proper sizing based on your engine mods (NA or Turbo).

If you pick the right combo of exhaust, intake, and header, you will make for a really efficient car breathing proper and making power!

HPS Performance Blue Shortram Air Intake (09-13)
HKS Hi Power Axleback Exhaust for HONDA Fit
Honda Fit Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs
JDM Red-H Rear Emblem For Honda FIT
JDM OEM Style Fog Lights - 06-07 Honda Fit