The GK5 Fit came with a whole new look from previous gen’s in that the front looked to me more like a shrunk civic front with a volvoesque rear. At first in factory form it was ok, but seeing what few appearance mods can change the look of it, the GK5 definitely has some nice views. For sure, Fit owners have mixed views on which of the 3 generations looks the best. The GK5 initially came out with a bunch of aftermarket support for visuals (especially overseas) and stuff on ebay as well, that seemed lacking for the second generation. Let’s dive into accessorizing your GK Fit’s appearance.

Honda Fit GK5 Appearance (2015-2020)

The GK5 did come with a bunch of Factory Accessories from the Honda Factory Performance (HFP) division, and with the higher models you get some nicer front end bumper options to help the visuals. The aftermarket definitely came to make some nice stuff for this model, so let’s see what they offer.

Where to start with Appearance Mods?

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Good luck with making a Custom Looking Fit!
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