Intake Choices for GE8 Fits?

Much like the GD, you really have two choices after looking at drop in air filters: Short Ram or Cold Air Intake. The Short Ram’s shift power upwards to high RPM’s and Cold Air is a more balanced and power in the midrange (but with the chance of hydrolock). For a daily driver you can go with any of the options really, just understanding where your power remains and if you like to rev or not. If you’re stuck in a lot of traffic the short “hot air” intakes may even lose power.

The support is better than the GD3 for finding intakes online still for the GE8, but a lot of the popular ones are hard to find.

Drop In Filters

33-2422 K&N Replacement Air Filter

Can be purchased on the K&N Official Site

AEM DryFlow Filter

28-20422 – DryFlow Air Filter Can be purchased on Ebay.

Spoon Drop In

Can be purchased on Ebay from BlackHawkJapan.

aFe Power Blue

aFe 30-10200

Cold & Short Ram Air Intakes

HPS Short Ram Intake

For overall drivability and good reviews, a lot of the people owning Fit’s like the HPS Intake for power and it’s sound. You can get it on Ebay in Silver, Red or Blue piping.

PRM JetStream Intake

This one is said to be LOUD and it really kicks in on high RPM’s and to hear VTEC, but also says to loose some low end power. Last time I checked it was still able to be purchased here.

aFe Takeda Stage-2 Cold Air Intake w/ Manual Trans

This intake will fit manual transmission ge8’s only. Keeping in note the filter is low and hydrolock and all those worries. Still one left right now on Ebay.

Generic Ebay Intake

Again this would be for sound mostly, and I haven’t tried it but it’s cheap enough from Ebay here. It probably would be bad with the heat though but will make noise.

K&N Typhoon Intake

A lot of Fit owner’s purchased this had complaints about the CEL coming on after install. Some say they’ve had no issues but makes me second guess getting it. If you do you can get it here.

Top Fuel Zero-1000 Power Chamber Intake

We think this one looks really nice in an engine bay on the GE8 if you can find it. We do see BlackHawkJapan has it on ebay right now.

Injen SP Cold Air Intake

Still available to buy on the Injen site. Says it has dyno proven gains of up to 8 hp and 7 lb-ft. of torque.


HKS Racing Suction Intake

Available on Amazon here. To learn about the Racing Suction in general click here, but for specifics and Dyno numbers for the GE8 click here.

Air intakes are a great way to improve airflow into your car’s engine. They do add some induction noise to sound more throaty when you get on the throttle, but they can potentially increase fuel efficiency if you don’t get in the habit of listening to that intake noise at high RPM which everyone does!

An air intake for the fit comes with a few things: the filter, the intake tube, and the throttle body connection. Working together, this feeds more air into your engine and gives you more throttle response and more power. The GE8 is said to “relearn” your air fuel measures and basically defeats an intake on these cars unless you do a tune. You may feel it for a few days then it will go back to how it was without getting tuned.

Honda from the factory tuned the ge’s for economy to meet EPA standards, so the aftermarket has taken over to give you that nice throttle sound as you get on it. A few custom DIY intakes have been made over on FitFreak which are interesting.

If you get an intake, don’t expect huge gains and without a tune it may be negligible, but you’ll likely get increased throttle response. If you do add one, complement it with an exhaust for the GE to give even an extra boost for your Fit!
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